Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What is this impending feeling that I'm gonna puke? And CD 35 (or could it be 21?) SUCKS!

Maybe I should reverse those. And for all I know, I guess it COULD be CD1, I've been stuck in a car for the past 4 hours, so I haven't been able to check the toilet paper like a mad woman lately. Seriously, when you start shutting the door so your hubby won't know you're checking it AGAIN, you just might be obsessed.
Anyway, it is now CD 35 (I've only made it to 28 ONCE, it's usually more like 24-27)... Unless you count the 3 days of bleeding during what should have been the middle of this cycle, as a new cycle of its own. Did I explain that okay? Still considering POAS, just in case, hopeless fool that I am... But if this is just CD 21, and not 35, then of course it's too early. My freakin' body is seriously screwed up. The nurses already had that sound of "Oh crap, don't YOU want to answer it this time?" when I called earlier this month.
It is all made so incredibly much better with this random feeling that I could puke. My stomach doesn't hurt at all, but I feel like I'm gonna puke throughout the day. I'm trying to rationalize that by saying it's just from all the drainage from all this pollen... But I don't remember feeling like this with sinus/allergy stuff before. A sip or bite of something makes it better for a minute, but it's there again a few minutes later. I don't want to ask anyone IRL what that loathed pregnany symptom feels like, to avoid getting anyone's baby radar on alert. Hubby says I'm irritable, but that could be anything - pms, pg, or just BECAUSE IT'S FRIGGIN' CD 35!!!!!!!! What.The.Crap.

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