Friday, April 23, 2010

At least I know the answer!

Apparently, my cycle is on its way back to normal. Apparently, stopping the bcp's just made for a whacked out couple of months. Apparently, it WAS just the drainage that made me feel like puking.
And I'm okay. I'm really and truly okay with a BFN. I was thinking, but refused to say outloud, that this was some big cosmic joke, and not a very funny one - that pregnancy would be dangled in front of my nose when we were weeks -- WEEKS(!!!) away from celebrating our 3rd anniversary and eligible to adopt. I'm really glad I listened to hubby and didn't POAS.
In other news, I pulled something in my back at work today, so on top of cramps and normal lower back pain, I'm having muscle spasms, too! Thank God for Vico*profen! I don't take stuff like that very often (they gave me 9 or 10 last July, and I still have 7), but I took 1 tablet a couple hours ago, and it's taken the edge off. Thinking it's gonna take another to get rid of the pain and make me sleep... But we're supposed to have storms and tornados, so I don't want to be KO'd. Better just stick with some pain!

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