Thursday, April 8, 2010

Broken bone, If I wasn't so tired, Doctor appt, Other randon stuff

***my poor little nephew has a cast on his leg for the next 3 weeks. His first tball game is Saturday, so he's pretty upset that he can't play. His younger brother, the middle child, is having a hard time with big bro and little bro getting so much attention and needing so much help. I'm an old pro at being in the middle, so I'm gonna rescue him and make him king for a day one afternoon. Same for big bro. Baby bro (15 months) doesn't really care, as long as mommy doesn't disappear!
***So.Tired. Aching ovary, sore lower abdomen, new intermittent stabbing pain near right ovary... I think just the aches and pains have me completely worn out. I'm so tired I could cry. But nobody IRL really knows just how much I hurt or just how tired I really am. Doctor appt Monday afternoon, hoping for a solution and some answers!
***I was offered a pretty sweet promotion @ work Monday, accepted it Wednesday, and am working on learning exactly what this is going to look like. My official title is ph*rmacy m#anager, and I'm (theoretically) in charge of, well honestly, everything. A little scary, a bit overwhelming, but hopefully worth it. Hubby and I have been praying and discussing how to finance international adoption, and God drops a substantial raise in my lap, with another considerable raise to follow if I take and pass a test. Lots of drama surrounding my promotion - one got demoted when she refused to work full time, discussions about firing our drivers, home office was prepared for all of us to walk out, and it goes on and on.
Vacation in 3 weeks!!!!! I'm working that Monday, then we're off to relax from Tuesday-Saturday, coming home in time for Mother's Day. Possibly visiting 2 cities, 2 free nights in a really nice hotel, and 2 or 3 nights somewhere cheaper. The 2 free nights are in Nashville, then we're thinking about going to Memphis as well. A trip to the zoo in one of those cities is on the agenda, and there's a fire museum in Memphis, but we don't really follow an itinerary on vacation. Very little scheduling involved - it's more about relaxing and meandering here or there or nowhere!
***Funny story to end! Hubby is a volunteer fireman. They give him a hard time about sleeping through calls - he missed a call just down the road from us around Christmas because I couldn't wake him up! Well, a strong thunderstorm came through this morning and took out some trees and power lines in several parts of our county. Hubby turns on his fire radio and hears one of our guys call in route. A few minutes later, he sees flashing lights out the front door... A tree is blocking the road, and half of it is laying IN OUR YARD!!!! He was friggin' LATE to a fire call in our own YARD! Pretty funny, poor guy!

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