Monday, April 12, 2010

No New News

Ugh... So it seems I should have followed my own assvice and restarted bc when AF comes, waited it out until my annual exam in July, and saved a co-pay. I was introduced to ultrasound encounters of the vag*inal kind, and while it wasn't something I'd sign up for every day, it really was nowhere near the horror stories I've heard and read about.
Dr said nothing seemed unusual in his exam, but he wanted the ultrasound just to make sure; if I don't hear back from him, that means everything is okay and he'll see me in July. I can go back on bcp's if I would like to. They are really the best option for cysts and preventing prgnancy and yesn he really told me that! Gee, doc, I thought that whole lack of sperm thing was pretty good birth control! I need MORE methods of pregnany prevention?!?
He said he could do lap to explore other possible problems, as a cyst is really just their assumed educated guess, but first he would recommend a gastroenerologist to rule out other problems. Gee, doc, I figured with the pain occuring around ovulation time AND irregular periods, THAT just MIGHT be a freakin' blue paw print of a clue!
Sigh. So, looks like it's back to the pill for me. Because one way or another, I can't go through this hell every month. And we WILL be discussing EVERYTHING in July. I just really want to be DONE!
As for a not-so-friendly comment on a previous post... I just don't have the energy to deal with it tonight. Whatever.

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