Monday, April 26, 2010

BC is back

Ugh!! At the sucky advice of my doctor, I started bc again last night. Right now, I'm just glad I don't have to worry about AF making a surprise visit next week while we're on vacation. Vacation!!!
We are both sooooo ready to get away! We're going to Nashville for a couple of days, then probably Memphis for a couple of days. We have no real agenda, we only know for sure that we're staying in the Opryland Hotel for 2 free nights. We've kicked around the idea of a massage, and I've been facebooking with a cousin who lives in Nashville about a quiet non-kid-friendly place to eat. I want to go to one of the zoos, but not sure which one is better. Other than that, we may do a little, we may do a lot. It will jus be so nice to get away and focus on each other!
The countdown is on... 4 more days of work this week, and only Monday next week, then we're off Monday night or Tuesday morning.

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Michele said...

I grew up in Nashville. The Memphis zoo is waaaayyy better.