Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ruptured Cysts SUCK

Day 3 of horrible cramping and lower back pain. Attempted to call the doctor yesterday to have my questions answered, ans was quivkly cut off andtold I talked to a different nurse the day before, and that doctor was off and I would have to call back next week, and something about I should stop bleeding "sometime next week," while she was talking to someone in the background.
So my sister's idea last night was to call the on-call number, tell them I ended up in the ER last time this happened, and the doctor on call would call me back. Except this is not like last time, it's so much worse! The cramps and backache are such that I would rip everything out right now if I could. I declined to call the doctor last night, but I'm thinking I will today. Something's gotta give!

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