Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Still Waiting...

We have been sitting in a waiting room for what feels like forever. With nobody sitting at the receptionist desk. And one other couple who left a while ago. A doctor came out and asked what we were waiting for and left. A nurse called hubby to the desk, and he has now disappeared into somewhere else. Without me. Not good for a control freak. Not that I could really do anything, but I need to know what is going on! We're supposed to be together! Who is going to make me laugh and not freak out?! WHY ARE THERE NO PEOPLE HERE? Feeling a headache coming on, probably because it's almost 1:00 and we've not had breakfast or lunch yet. Will he remember ask when we will get the SA results? What is going on back there?
Since I have a few minutes, let me explain what we know so far: not a lot more than we already did. Dr doesn't think they will find sperm in the semen, based on genetic diagnosis and current meds, but that's of course the starting point. Hubby can come off his current meds, and start HSG injections 3 X week, in an attempt to get hubby's body to make its own testosterone. Even then, dr still doesn't think they will find sperm. TESE, ICSI, with IVF are our best, and likely only, options for biological children. Other options are sperm bank and adoption.
Hubby re-appeared just a few minutes ago. We're in the car headed in search of FOOD! Hubby did remember to ask, and she said they would send a report to the dr, and there was no need to wait. So I told hubby he needs to be that annoying patient and call the dr later this afternoon to see if they can tell us, once again, what we already suspect! Hopefully, my next update will be the results!


When Rain Hurts said...

Good luck to you both. If adoption is in your future, good luck with that too - and make sure to do your homework (believe me, I know). I have two adopted kids - wouldn't trade them for the world - but its not been an easy road either.

NotTheMama said...

Thanks! I've researched adoption more than I have IF options, but there's still a lot I probably don't know. There's just not an easy option, is there? :)