Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In 10 Hours...

...We will be beginning. I've been busy today. Work was crazy with trying to get caught up / ahead to be off tomorrow. I didn't have time for blogging, checking email, or facebook. When my phone buzzed, I glanced to see if it was an emergency, and got back to work. (Normally very relaxed environment, we stay busy, but are able to stop to take phone calls and such)
I decided on my way home that I would NOT spend the evening on the couch. The only way to guarantee that was to commit myself to something else. So I cooked supper for my sil and her hubby and kidsan and took it to them. Of course I ate with them, there was a little playing of the w11. The niece was showing off her K reading skills, and the nephew sat in my lap and let me read to him. There was lots of tickling and laughter and sillyness and just-what-I-neededness. The nephew wanted me to read him "one more" story at bedtime, so we went to his room, rocked, and read Oliver. As I rocked and read, I was at peace, knowing that regardless of what happens tomorrow, I will one day rock my own son, in our own rocking chair, in his own room. Our hypothetical children better like hugs and kisses and snuggles and rocking! Some would say I will spoil them... As much as it has taken and will take to get them here, I will still be rocking them when their feet drag the ground! Horror of horrors, they might even sleep in our bed with us!!! Gasp!
I will try to update tomorrow as time allows. Right now, I'm calm, cool, and collected, not worried or anxious. Hoping I stay that way.

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Michele said...

As my MIL would say, spoiling is just another word for love!