Monday, March 29, 2010

It's back.

No, I'm not referring to P*enny W!se, although thanks to Mr. S King, to this day, I cannot step over a drainage grate or open hole without first looking to see if a scary white-faced clown is in there. In fact, I walk **around** them whenever possible! Talk about irrational fears!
Anyway... Remember last year when I might have had a cyst that was never really confirmed? And I got a nasy call that basically threatened my job if I didn't return to work pronto?
Whatever that was, appears to be back. Technically, though, the pain never totally went away. It got lots better, but never really disappeared completely. Cycle # 2 after d/c'ing my birth control is Not. Looking. Good. That nagging pain is back, and bothered me much of the day. It hurts to sit, it hurts less to stand, God help me when my bladder is full. My lower back is killing me. I have occasional period-like cramps, but it's pretty mild. The ovary pain (I'm assuming that is what hurts?) was at a level today that, had my purse contained more than benadryl, I would have taken something to curb the pain.
This was frustrating when it happened the month I had ttc'd on our own harder than ever before. Now, with confirmed azoo, it's just ridiculous. I may put a call in to my gyn. If I'm talking meds AND doctor, you know I mean business. AF, I'm requesting you be banished forever!

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