Sunday, March 7, 2010

I attempted this post this morning...

...When it was 5:30, and I was *still* awake. Lost in blogland for long enough that I don't care to mention how many hours had passed. It was still in the single digits.
Hubby and I talked, and came to the conclusion that perhaps he didn't exactly realize that all reproductive chance hinged on the SA results... And it's possible I didn't handle the lack of news so great. It did result in about an hour-long chat in the hall floor, that moved to the couch when we realized we were sitting in the floor and getting up was less than easy. After the hurt feelings over miscommunication, we discussed adoption options. We didn't make any concrete decisions or receive divine inspiration, but it was a nice chat, and it's time to get friends and family more involved in the process. It's time to shout from the rooftops (especially the rooftops near unwed women and teenagers) that we are adopting, and yes, we'll take your sister's friend's cousin's boyfriend's mom's niece's baby... But only if she is willing to let us adopt her child - rumor has it kidnapping is illegal! (Not to say I haven't whispered to hubby on more than one occassion to just take that baby and run. C'mon, dude, it's a joke!) Those fantasies are better left in my head, right beside the daydream where someone leaves an infant on my doorstep with a note explaining she's mine! (Not something I recommend now, in light of the pack of neighborhood dogs that looooooove our house)
So where was I? It's the sleep deprivation. The ADD is killer on 3 hours of sleep. So. Things are better. I still want to know. And will find out tomorrow. Which has my stomach in knots tonight. Or could that be the nephew's flue, the church's virus, or the sister's intestinal bug I've been possibly/probably contaminated with this weekend? And adoption plans proceeding, pending tomorrow's results, officially, but in my heart of hearts, I know it's azoo.

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