Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Non-IF Things I've Learned in the Past Few Days

1) If a toilet cleaning product says it contains bleach, it really does. A LOT of bleach.
2) Said product, when (accidentally) squirted directly onto clothing, will turn gray jogging pants you only wear around home orange, immediately, and a black shirt you really (used to) like, a different color of orange, even if you rinse it out real quick.
3) And your black underwear will then have light-purple spots....
4) Those hispanic people in the street are NOT just playing... It's really a fight.
5) Nosey people are sometimes helpful, like that dude on the balcony who told us the other guys were, in fact, fighting and not playing like we thought.
6) A 4-year-old will ride a lot more rides than he did the year before, and get upset when he isn't tall enough or old enough to ride things that some adults can't handle.
7) What should be a 3-4 hour trip takes between 5-9 hours with a hubby who likes to make lots of stops, while his wife sleeps in the (HOT) car, and make a detour on an hour-long cave tour.
8) You know you REALLY needed that weekend get-away-vacation when you actually feel RESTED and RELAXED upon returning home from the following: having a 4-year-old's feet/elbows/head/knees/etc in your face/ribs/back/etc all 3 nights, while you have the worst cold/sinus/allergyjunk you've had in a couple of years, only stopping to sleep at night, chasing around a 4- and 2-year-old and keeping up with their parents, too....
9) Drum Roll....... Your job is about to get a whole lot sweeter!!!!! You're graduating in a month from driver/technician, to full-time technician!!! Yes, folks, I showed our potential new driver around most stops around town today. She kept saying "WHEN I start," which I take to mean she wants the job. She's coming back Friday, when I'll be going to make deliveries in one of the other towns an hour away. I'll still be doing some local deliveries, and occassionally possibly driving to the other town, but for the most part, I'll just stay in the pharmacy and get the medicine ready for someone ELSE to deliver!!
I'm feeling a lot better... I really stepped up the cold medicine and sleep yesterday on the way home, but I usually stay sick for 1 or 2 weeks when I get this junk... I didn't really **feel** sick until yesterday, but that could be because I had been busy chasing after 2 little boys all weekend! This weekend starts the Birthday Party Run that will last until the week before Christmas.
Last.... I keep losing the SAME 5 lbs. I generally do pretty good during the week, then by the end of the weekend, I'm close to where I started... Of course vacation weekends don't really help, especially when I am within walking distance of my favorite ice cream shop that has completely shut down in our state.... At least 2 birthday party weekends this month, and several in Oct, Nov, and Dec, not to mention the 2 weekend trips in Oct, PLUS all the family get-togethers in Nov and Dec..... Something's gotta give!!!! ;)

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