Monday, September 15, 2008

Misc., etc.

***Ukraine stuff is sent! I knew I would forget to buy a pencil sharpener this AM when I got some copies of wedding pictures, but there was one at work... Then goofy me forgot to put it in the package! Here's to finding a pencil sharpener in Ukraine! ;)

***I found something that so far has worked better than the Sl!m*Fast diet... And I just might lose more than that same 5 lbs that usually creeps its way back in over the weekend, since I kept it away (even with niece's b-day party, how 'bout that?)

***I told the in-laws I would try to get our house cleaned up and invited them to supper later this week... They've been without a fridge for a couple of weeks. Any meal ideas? I cook a mean homemade lasagna, but I don't think they're big italian fans.

***Played with the nephews tonight while older sister went to class. Tired Fun Aunt.... We rode the 4-wheeler, played chase, helped dig up potatoes (yes, in my work clothes and Yell0w B0x flops.... Pretty thing to see. I convinced the munchkins and their cousin that if they ran around in a circle, it would make the tractor drive faster, and if they stopped, the tractor would slow down. Hey, it kept them out of the way while the tractor was moving!

***Looking ahead... Slow work week. Man, this is the first really cool night... Makes me want to go to a football game!!! Will we make it to the Japanese steakhouse for hubby's b-day 2 weeks late? We're half-way through the month, which means only half a month until 2 back-to-back weekends of Smokies then Panama City!!!! Which reminds me.... Gotta go turn in hours and mileage! ;)

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