Saturday, September 27, 2008


For the past several years, we have went to the beach the 2nd weekend in October. Sister-in-law knew this, as she was planning for youngest nephew's 1st birthday party. We discussed it, she had said it would be the weekend after that. She called hubby today in tears. She messed up and planned it for the weekend we are going to be (or were supposed to be!!!!) at the beach. Hubby is thinking seriously about NOT going to the beach... In fact, I dare say we can already just go ahead and cancel. Good-bye, sand between my toes. Good-bye midnight walks on the beach. Good-bye best Italian food of my life. Good-bye relaxing weekend I deseperately NEED..... Of course, I can't SAY anything, because she has already been crying. It's not like this trip was a huge surprise. HELLO, WE DISCUSSED IT AND SHE SAID IT WOULD BE THE NEXT WEEKEND.... Ugh.... Hubby asked what I would do if it was one of MY nephews, I said I had actually missed one of oldest nephew's parties, because we were at the beach. Granted, it was not his 1st b-day. What to do?

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