Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's one of those rare lazy Saturdays at home for us. We are going to Niece's 5th birthday party this evening, a family cook-out in their back yard. We went shopping last night for her present. We got her a book with like a million stories in it, because she is always wanting us to read to her, and 2 packs of "...In My Pocket..." toys. I think we ended up getting her the kitties and the ponies. She decided she has enough Littlest Pet S%hop toys. The Pocket toys were on her (humongously long) wish list. Hubby was going for the real drum set. Aunt NotTheMama said they're already cramped for space, let's not add to it.
BUT we also got some things for Denis. We got mainly school supplies, because they will pack well. We got him a bunch of pencils and pens, a calulator, notebooks, etc, that will (hopefully) all fit in a planner-type deal, and some socks. I know in the orphanage, they always needed socks. We got a toothbrush and toothpaste, but not sure if that can be carried on the plane??? We are also planning on sending some money so that he can get some things he needs that won't pack well.
We got some pictures of him in an email.... He looks so different!! It's been at least a couple of years since I saw him or talked to him. He has slimmed up a lot, and his VOICE!!!! Oh my goodness, last time I talked to him, he sounded like a little boy!!! Now he sounds like a teenager!! He's taking 10 classes, one of which is Algebra. He wants a hamster. He seems to be doing very well, and I hope he continues to do so. I said from the first time we met him, that he has so much potential. My prayer has constantly been that God would help him to use that potential for good, to become a successful, productive adult, and not succumb to the ways of the streets. So many don't make it through trade school, so now my prayer is also that Denis will stay in school and succeed. We are kind of limited on how we can financially help, but I want to do all we can.
Well, hubby is being productive in our house, so I guess I better go join him... :)

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