Saturday, September 6, 2008

Okay, another one... Great news!!!!

So, not sure how much I've mentioned about our connection with Ukrainian orphans. I know I've mention my little buddy Denis before. "R and V," as I'll call them, adopted 2 little girls from Ukraine several years ago, and have since hosted groups of orphans from Ukraine in their home. they currently have 5 kids, and I just found their blog, that says they are in the process of adopting 5 more. Two of the 5, are a brother and sister, "Z " (sister), and "V" (brother)..... Hubby and I had the opportunity to go with some friends to see the orphans summer before last while they were in America. All the kids got to go to Wal*Mart (many for the first time in their lives!!!), and one of the translators let Z and V go through the store with hubby and I, because she knew me/us from summers past. It was both amazing and heart-breaking to watch those two kids as they shopped. V would pick things up, and seemed to LOVE the huge assortment of toys! He would always look to Z, and she would tell him if he could or could not get whatever it was he had at the moment. She made sure he stayed close to her, and would not pick up the first thing until V had chosen his things. She reluctantly chose a couple of items, but you could tell she was more concerned about V and his happiness/safety in the store. Also, V, being younger, seemed to automatically latch onto hubby and I, holding our hands as we wandered through the different sections, etc. Z, a little older, but still just a kid, kind of held back a bit. Undoubtedly, she had seen too many times where people just enter and leave her life and was more guarded.
I was ready to go back to R&V's and find out more about Z&V, and try to adopt them myself. This was before I had looked closely into things and found out about the 3-year wait, because we had only been married for a couple of months!! I know that life is not fair and all that jazz, but really.... It just is not at all fair for a little girl to be more "mother" than "little girl." Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that little boy has someone watching out for him, and proud of her for being such a good big sister, but she should get to be a kid, too. My heart breaks and I still cry over the injustice ALL of these orphans face. I would give ANYTHING to be able to have kids, ANYTHING.... I have a couple of friends who are trying fertility stuff and getting ready to look into adoption, and another who is not coping so well with finding out she can't have kids at all, who would all 3 do the same. Then there are so many people in the world who CHOOSE NOT to care for their children. Now, I KNOW that some parents send their kids to the orphanage because they are trying to do what is BEST for their kids. As bad as some of the orphanages are, it beats living on the streets. That is another matter completely. It baffles me that there are so many seemingly "unwanted" children in the world, when so many of us infertiles would love to take those babies into our homes, and just love them to pieces. And not just us infertiles, but lots of fertile myrtles just can't get enough adopted children, either. Sorry for rambling.... Now I've made my way back to the 3-year wait. I just don't understand WHY I could adopt if I was single, but since we got married, we have to wait 3 YEARS, when there are children who need a home NOW. Some of those children will not be around by the time we complete the 3 years, AND the paperwork that follows!!! I also know that I need to get OUT of my head, and INTO God's word.... He will never leave us or forsake us... He has plans to prosper us not to harm us.... He WILL carry us through this storm. He can move mountains and dissipate storms and heal the sick and raise the dead. Surely if He can cause a virgin to become pregnant, He can cause me to do the same, IF that is His will. I don't know if that will ever happen, and I am okay with not experiencing pregnancy if that is NOT where God would have me go. I DO KNOW, however, that God has CALLED me to adopt. He has definitely placed the desire to be Mommy in my heart. I KNOW that all of this waiting, all of these tears, all of this heartache, will make the time when I DO finally bring home my child, SO worth it. My God is not confined to worldly time. I have seen sudden, unexpected changes in my job that I feel are God-created changes. I *could* see those same changes happen with adoption. Wait. Wait. Wait on the Lord. Hey, one of those verses I taught my pre-schoolers one Sunday night --- "I cried unto the Lord, and He answered me" ---
So back to Z&V.... It looks like they could be adopted soon. Z will get to be a little girl. MamaV has such a huge heart for all of "her" orphan kids, and she is so tender and gentle with those babies. As far as I know, my little buddy Denis did not get adopted, and if he is still in the orphanage, he will be "kicked out" soon. I have cried many tears over this little boy, and my heart breaks all over again when I remember R&V's neighbor telling me that just that day, Denis had been asking his translator "Why no Mama for me? I need Mama!" I pray for him often, and think of him often. Another one I would love to just bring on over. Ha, even if we had been married for long enough, I'm a few months too young to adopt him! So, while I am still sad for Denis, I am happy for Z&V, that it looks like they will be able to come to America an have a Mama and Papa and plenty of brothers and sisters and hugs and love, and a chance at LIFE.


The Currys said...

Hi, this is sharon curry, you responded to our blog, anothercurrykid. We do know Denis and his trade school is very near our apt. Viktor sees him frequently and is visiting him often while we are still in Kyiv. Please e-mail me and I will give you more information. We also have pictures of denis that we can send to see if he is the same one. happy to connect people to these great kids.
sharon e-mail:

The Currys said...

Hello, this john curry. It's interesting how God works sometimes and how he chooses to put the right person in your path at the right time. I'm sitting here at the kitchen table in our flat with Denis right now as I type this email. It is the same Denis that you spent time with in B'ham. He has the same last name anyhow. He seems like a really nice young man. He attends one of the nicer trade schools in Kiev. A lot of non-orphan children attend the school as well. He really impresses me as the type of ypung man that will take advantage of the opportunity and be successful. We spent all afternoon playing soccer. He and some other boys are going out to dinner with Viktor tonight. I will send you some current pictures as soon as I get some internet access for my computer. I'm writing this on my BBerry and its difficult with my big brain surgery hands. I'll be in touch.

NotTheMama said...

Thank you, tank you, THANK YOU!!!! Your family is an answer to many, many prayers. I'm not one to shed tears on a regular basis, but I can hardly type for the happy tears. Please tell Denis Vanessa says hello, and that I definitely have not forgotten about him. It is absolutely AMAZING how God works things out!!! I would LOVE to see pictures of him... I'm sure he's grown a lot!