Saturday, September 6, 2008


It is on, like donkey kong.... Birthday parties, I mean. The season has arrived, and will not stop until after Christmas. Nephew #3's 2-year-old party was tonight, abruptly ended by a fire call, to assist another department, who was assisting ANOTHER department, for a woods fire. Yeahm I'm guessing it's not just a couple of trees on fire, for 3 departments to be toned out. But I digress.... Niece's party is in the next couple of weeks (I think next weekend?!) Nephew #1's is in October, as is Nephew #4's. And #1 & 2's mom.... Mine and my mom and s-i-l in November.... My dad's, #3's mom's, Youngest Baby Cousin's in December, with Baby Nephew #5 set to arrive on my younger sister's b-day. Yes, folks, things are looking a little down on the whole slim****fast diet, not that I could afford it, what with all the birthday presents, births, and Christmas presents to buy.
Tonight's party was full of screaming, whining kids, that only got worse when the 4-wheeler was brought out. This kid got a 4-wheeler much bigger than himself, at the age of TWO, so one of those fire calls may be in the works for him.... I hope not, but wow.
Now I'm back in my quiet house.... The quiet, empty one..... With no babies. I saw soooooo many babies and toddlers and big bellies in town today, and at the party tonight. I want to just grab a baby and snuggle up with it all night. I know that God is in control, and I'll get my baby when the time is right.... But tonight I'm feeling like it's a little cruel to plant the desire to be mommy in someone's heart, then keep that title and priviledge away from them for an indefinite amount of time.

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