Sunday, September 7, 2008

Another prayer answered... I was going to blog about it last night, or this morning, rather, but I just had to get to sleep.
I mentioned a little about my little buddy Denis. God's fingerprints are all over that little boy, who is now a young man. When hubby and I first met him, it was our first time to go visit with the orphans. We weren't really sure what to expect, driving over an hour away, to the house they were hosted in (R&V's)... V and I had exchanged some emails, but that was about it. We actually went to the airport first, to welcome them, and saw a bunch of scared, timid little boys that weren't really sure what they were getting into. Fastfoward a few days, and hubby and I went to visit. There was a little boy sitting in a hammock off by himself. The kid I usually am drawn to, is the kid who is by himself. We introduced ourselves, made him smile, and tried to "talk" through the language barrier. All of the kids were going out that night, and we just kind of hung out with Denis until he left. While he was gone, we played with another little boy, "Little Sergey," who had a skin condition that left him very fragile. Denis came back, and found hubby and I to show us his new stuff. $ Tree toys don't really seem like a lot, but for kids who rarely get new toys, this is like ten times better than Christmas for American kids. Hubby and I had settled down to play with Denis and his new basketball goal inside the house, when V's neighbor popped her head in the door and said, "I just wanted y'all to know what a God-thing it is that you two came tonight, and are focusing so much attention specifically on Denis. He's bigger than the other kids, and he doesn't always get the same attention. He's felt a little left out, and just today, he was telling Zhenia, 'I good boy, I need Mama... Why no Mama for me? I good boy!!!!' So I just wanted to let y'all know that God has sent you here to play with Denis." I searched and searched for a family to adopt Denis, and prayed God would send the right family his way. I got to see him the next summer, which I blogged about last night.
Last night, in some of my random-blog-reading, I found the blog of a family who is in Ukraine RIGHT NOW.... At orphanage 21 RIGHT NOW..... Working with the same facilitator/translator who came with Denis' group.... So I left a comment on their blog, asking them if they could possibly find out how Denis is doing. This morning, I missed Sunday School because we woke up late, but I do believe I got way more out of checking my email than I would ever have gotten from SS!!! Ihad TWO new comments (feel free to check them out!). They speak for themselves. The way everything seemingly "fell into place," CANNOT be "just coincidence".... I am convinced that God is still all over this situation. A few weeks ago, I had been burdened to pray extra hard for Denis. I didn't really know why, and still don't, but I didn't fail to step up the prayers for the little boy who called me Mama NotTheMama (ha, well, not exactly, but you know...) God's timing on this was so PERFECT, as usual. I am looking forward to seeing some pictures, and finding out what God has in store for this little guy!! He seems to be doing very well, which is a huge relief for my heart, given the "usual" outcome for orphans after they "graduate" from their orphanage.
And the sermon at church today, very appropriately, was about the sun coming up in the morning. Weeping lasts for a night, but there's joy in the morning. Ah, what a good place to be in today. The sun has definitely come up. A few notes of encouragement for those who might read this....
****Jbeeky, your morning is coming SOON!!! When you hold that sweet baby girl in your arms for the first time, all of this waiting will be a distant memory.
****Hey you, your Suburban Saga will soon include a great new house you can finally call your OWN!! Your perfect little boy will be running through the house before you can turn around! ;)
****Weathers family, beautiful Sophie's life was not in vain. I'm praying that soon morning brings joy for your lives in the form of a little Chinese cutie pie!
****Curry's, what joy there will be when you are ALL state-side with your wonderful new SON!!!
****And you, whoever you are out there... There's joy for you, too. Whatever you are going through, just stick with God, and remember your weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.
As for me, well, this little "anonymous" blog, just got a little "less" "anonymous" over night.... But what an amazing story I'll have to tell my kids one day.


The Currys said...

John here again. I will deffinitely send some pictures your way. Send. Your email address to the adress my wife sent in the comment yesterday. Denis went to dinner last night with us to our favorite restaraunt, Pusata Hata, Fat House. He blew his shoe out yesterday playing soccer so he is coming by after school today and we're going to get a new pair. I will tell him you said hello. I told him about your comments, best as I could, and he seemed to remember you fondly. Later in the evening he asked if I had your phone number. My Sharon is coming back for the court hearing scheduled for the 19th. She would be happy to bring something back for Denis if you decide you would like to send something. Not to over step my bounds here so if I do I apologize but there are possibilities that still exist to help assure that Denis has a successful future.Sharon and I looked into alternative ways to help Victor in the event that we could not get our paperwork submitted before Viktor turned 16. By the way, Viktor turns 16 on the 13th and our court date is the 19th. Zhenia is a prime example of what I'm talking about. He graduated trade school and then a family sponsored him to come to the states where they sent to HS in Buffalo NY. After he finished HS, he came back to Kiev and went to the University where he got his undergrad and masters. If you spent any time at all with Zhenia while he was in the states he probably told you his story. Its a great story of success and he loves to share it. Anyway, all that to say that there are still ways to help these young people even though they have already passed the age for adoption. I truely believe that Denis is the type of young man that would appreciate and make the most out of any additional help available. By the way, he is going to a trade school the teaches financial trades. As we walked up the street from the Fat House he pointed to several different banks and told me he was going to be a banker. Let My girl know if you want to send anything and you two can coordinate efforts.
You finding Denis this way was not luck. It was a very practical example of how our Great God works in our lives on a daily basis. I count myself as blessed to be included in any small way in the works of His Hands.

I'll be in touch.

The Currys said...

We did not receive either of your emails. We might have miss-typed the address, Talk to you soon.