Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Not adopt? Are you kidding?

Okay... Granted I had to talk/sing/yell to/at myself to stay awake during deliveries today... And eventually just gave up skipping lunch and got a :) meal to keep myself awake for the longest stretch of road back from one town to the next... And have accomplished NOTHING in my house or packing for a weekend trip because I took a "short nap, 1 hour MAX" which turned, of course, into sleeping about 4 or 5 hours.....
BUT... I feel much more at peace with things on the adoption front. I inadvertently found some blogs from (relatively) local people who have adopted older kids from Ukraine (my second country of choice, with the first being Romania, but that's closed so not an option). Next time I start that crazy talk, please remind me that I only need to find some adoption blogs and read them like crazy to remind myself why it is so important that we do all of this!! I think that I think we should start out with younger children (an infant would be ideal, but I'll take toddler!), but remembering what happens to these older children when they are NOT adopted really makes me want to just skip the baby years. And trust me, that's saying a LOT, when you know how much I absolutely LOVE babies. It's just not fair for your country to expect you to go from orphanage life to "Hey, you're an adult now, figure it out yourself... Here, have some change to start your new life!!" at the age of FIFTEEN or SIXTEEN.... Even if you were a "good kid" as I was, do you remember what you were like when you first started driving a car? Yikes.... My heart hurts for these poor babies that are just thrown out to the dogs and usually nobody cares what happens to them. My little pal Denis could be living on the streets right now for all I know... All I know about him now is, when I get the urge to pray for him, I don't care WHAT I'm doing, I stop and PRAY like crazy. Gosh, I love that kid. I miss that kid. He had such potential, and I can only pray that somebody, ANYBODY in Ukraine will recognize just how bright a young man he is, and just give him a CHANCE....
Sigh.... Trying to get to bed earlier than 4 am tonight.... Then between 5-5:30 this morning, the fire radio started going off like crazy, for a crap load of downed trees froma ll the rain. Honestly, Fay, I am thankful for your rain, but PLEASE go away and you know, make room for the NEXT hurricaine already!! I DID see a bit of blue sky here and there today, both literally and figuratively.
Mentioned a weekend trip... Hubby and I are going with my older sister's family to Gatlinburg for the weekend. (Tough job being the fun aunt, but somebody's gotta do it!!) I was wondering how I would make it through until October, when we have a Fri-Mon trip to Gatlinburg one weekend, and a Fri-Mon trip to Panama City the next. I ****really**** need a break. So, there's cleaning and packing to be done.... Tomorrow evening, assuming I get off work in time, I'm supposed to be going visiting with our Wed. night church crew, so I'm gonna ***try*** to get up when hubby does and clean some house or get some clothes together or something. Gah, we're leaving in practically 2 days.

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