Monday, August 30, 2010

It's finally here!!!!

So we FINALLY got in touch with the lady when she had her calendar handy! Our first visit is next Tuesday. We were talking about going on a weekend trip since we're both off work Monday, but now we're staying home, and I'm really not that bummed! Our house is clean, but there's still a lot of straightening and unpacking and picture-hanging we need to get finished. We both need to get our physicals done, and finish some paper work, before she comes. My b-i-l needs to come over and install the cabinet child locks. We've gotta hunt down a fire extinguisher. I'm hoping to get a lot done this week, and not have so much over the weekend.
I'm also taking our niece and nephew to school this week.Hubby's dad began 39 radiation treatments this morning. It's so fun! I have to get up just a tad earlier, and they come over and watch cartoons while I finish getting ready. Both schools are on my way to work. I drop our niece off for 1st grade at our local elementary school, then take the nephew to his preschool at a church our cousins attend. They both cracked me up this morning. I admit I have raised a brow and looked at some parents like they were crazy, but I can already see that I will be that mom you see crying when she drops her kids off! WOW!!!! If the nephew cried, he would probably just have had to come to work with me!
So... We're sticking around home, and taking a vacation later.

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