Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So imagine my relief last night when The Lady (who will be doing both of our home visits) said she will talk to us next week about scheduling the first visit. She's out of the office for the rest of this week... Which I'm assuming (hoping?) means she won't be actually coming until the last week of class. Which would give me another weekend and some week days to get our house just the way I want it.
We did get some tips from people who have already had their first visit, so we'll be locking up chemicals, finding somewhere not in our house to store paint, and making sure to put those plug protector things to good use. We know we need a rail added to our front steps, but we're waiting until after the first visit to ask about our porch. It's probably around 3 feet high or so, and we want to know if we need a rail for the porch, too. No sense in paying someone to come out twice!
I'm thawing out. I wouldn't say I'm perfectly calm, cool, and collected about the whole thing, but I'm not freaking out about it either. I'm cutting myself some slack. After all, the first visit is to let you know what needs to be done before the second visit, and they don't expect perfect. So what if there are a couple of dirty towels in the bathroom, and a dirty dish or two in the sink? We do live here, after all! And I'm pretty sure she doesn't expect to talk in to freshly baked brownies and what have you. We're gonna make it through this, and we're gonna sit back and wait for our baby(-ies).
...And about that... I'm trying to refrain from guessing when it will happen. I'm not playing the "by this time" game. You know - by Christmas/Spring/Etc, we'll have a baby. Or counting on this Mother's Day to be happy flowers and sunshine. Realistic expectations are key!
Absolutely, without a doubt I'm excited. We're excited together, and looking forward to being parents. But let's keep it real, too. Was it dizzying when a friend said, "So in X weeks, you could have a baby?!?" Definitely. But really there's no time line. It *could* be weeks... Or months... Or years. I don't like that it could be a year or more, but it will happen when it's supposed to happen. Until then, let's enjoy the journey. :)

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