Thursday, September 2, 2010

We're Cleared!

So hubby checked the mail today, and our fingerprints checked out fine. Not that we were expecting any different, but it's another box checked, another hoop jumped through. We've been doing some housework in preparation for Tuesday's visit. I had a dream last night that we had a bunch of junk in the middle of the living room floor, boxes of random stuff, and hubby refused to move it before the visit! I'm sure I'll think of a billion things I should've done while we're being interviewed, but our house is clean (planning to keep the ceiling fan on - don't wanna dirty the floor to clean the fan beforehand) lol. Hubby is trying to organize the garage.
It's all coming together! If only we had pictures on our walls, lamps out of boxes, etc, we would be totally moved in our house! ;) Maybe by the second visit - I have to borrow my sister for the day for that one! We wanted to take a trip over the long weekend, but we're still paying 2 mortgages. Right now the plan is to spend one day at an amusement park with older sister and kids. Sunday is church, Monday we're getting together with friends from church. Sounds like a perfectly relaxing way to spend the weekend before a visit! I never thought we would be this ready - I thought we would be scrambling the night before!
I can't really say I'm surprised. I have a peace that passes understanding. God's got our backs. He knows who and where our children are. He has all the details worked out, He knows the exact moment every detail will pan out. It's up to me to serve Him while I'm waiting. :)

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