Sunday, August 1, 2010

The C-word, Death, and Dying

I know, I know - happy little post! But it needs to be done.
First, my father-in-law is going to be having r#d!ation soon. He had surgery a couple of years ago for pr0st*te cancer, and now his #'s are going back up. He did mention that the first time, the doctor had given him those options, and told him if he chose the option he has to do now, there would be nothing that could be done later, if it came back. It's back... And I'm assuming after this, nothing more can be done? Hopefully, this will "work," he will be cured, and life will go on. But we've had a good bit of that sickness in our church, and usually coming back leads to the end of life, albeit weeks, months, or a year.
Hubby and I were talking last night, about how we don't really know how his mom would do - we think not well on her own. And I was thinking, have we made it to the point that we should start considering the deaths of our parents? My initial thought was that I'm too young for this. I more or less just let hubby talk, as he really needed to. He is concerned about the tiredness, and whether or not his parents will be able to do with our children what they have done with our niece and nephew - or if his father will be here at all.
Then, a brilliant teacher from high school, the epitome of perfect health - healthy eater, in perfect physical shape, Very active lifestyle - had to retire quickly, because the doctors found the c-word in her lungs and noggin'. (Please excuse the g00gle extinguishing) Doctor said he could give her another year, but couldn't guarantee anything after that. Over a matter of weeks, she went from perfect health to death sentence. How does this happen?
So, yesterday, instead of cleaning like a mad woman while hubby was at work, I slept in. When I got up, I kind of wanted some breakfast, so I drove to get what I wanted. Instead of staying home and slaving away to get ready for an upcoming home visit for adoption, we went out and spent the evening together. Yes, we do need to get the stuff done, but sometimes it's more important to just be.
I challenge you to go enjoy your day. Leave those dishes in favor of playing with your children. Get off-line and call your parents if they are still alive. Have an extra piece of cake. Go enjoy life while you have it.

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