Monday, August 9, 2010

Working Through It

Can't really say I've thawed since my last post, but I'm definitely working through it. Tonight, I cleaned my bedroom. I admit it: I suck at keeping clothes hung up and out of the floor. I may change clothes 5 times before I find a combination that works, and most of those end up on the bed, then in the floor when I go to bed. Not sure why the huge aversion to hanging it back in the closet right away, but it's there. Hugely ashamed to admit there were sweaters - SWEATERS, PEOPLE!!! - in that pile. Did I mention it's in the triple digits here? But, it's done.
The master bedroom (save for hubby's dresser top) is ready for an inspection. I cleaned off the top of the washer, and once I wash, dry, and put away some blankets, the laundry room will be ready. The kitchen only needs everyday cleaning between now and inspection day. Same for the living room. Oh crap, gotta remember to draw up a fire escape plan for tomorrow night.
What's left? Well, the room intended to be for toys is still at least half full of random stuff/junk/crap. I'm thinking I'll be able to sort through it starting Wednesday or Thursday. A lot of it is hubby's work stuff, or papers he needs to go through to save or toss or shred. Thus tiny trails of shredded paper throughout the house. Choose your battles, right? The garage needs some serious attention - again, mostly crap hubby has to find a place for. I say garbage or yard sale most of it, he says ohhhh nooooo we might be able to use it one day!!!!
Just to shoot straight from the hip, here's how it *always* works out when we're cleaning, or getting rid of stuff, or getting ready for company. I get as much done as possible. D-O-N-E, done. Finished. I stay mostly focused on one area until it is DONE, then move to another area, and so on and so forth. Hubby, bless his heart, bounces allllllll over the house, doing random bits here and there. Put up some socks. Move 1 can off the bathroom counter into a drawer. Wash 2 cups and a spoon. Move the lawn mower out of the garage and into the shed. Hey, how 'bout a tv break? He just cannot stay on task.
Furthermore. I somehow manage to get enough done that I at least give the appearance that I have it all together. That may be because I shoved a wholelottacrap in the master bedroom and shut the door, but what really matters is done and presentable. (Haha, in this case, every room has to be presentable) I'll come through and get it done. But poor hubby. He does enough to scrape by, and doesn't really give a rat's... Well, he just really doesn't care... Let's just say, it doesn't bother him if people come in and see our house when it's messy. Which is often, granted, but dang it, I work full time, too, and do the best I can!
Sigh. I don't want to sound like I'm throwing him totally under the bus. He's a great guy, he doesn't really expect much more than occasional cooking and bare-minimum cleaning. He helps with laundry, takes care of most of the yardwork, and handles the bills.
We just have a LOT to get done in a LITTLE time. We're both world class procrastinators. I'm frozen, wanting to pitch a good fit because it's been a while, and this is stressing me out, and I want to just do something the easy way for once. He is currently sleeping on the couch, I'm guessing, instead of doing some reading and writing for class. Mr. NoFocus.
We WILL get there. She's not gonna eat us for lunch or refuse to come back or think we're the WORST house she's EVER seen or deny us a child because there's some dirty laundry in the basket and some boxes that we haven't unpacked. She and the other workers have told us it's not as bad as we think it will be, and not to freak out and worry about it, even though they know we will. So I'm going to sleep now. Calm, cool, collected. Because I can see my bedroom floor again, and my laundry room is good to go.

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