Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Aaaaaaannnnnnd... We're done. Kind of. Almost.

So tonight was our last night of class. If we could get the worker to schedule our first home visit, we could prepare for the second visit, and sit back and wait. If. IF. What IF we could get it scheduled? Ugh. She ran out of time - we'll discuss it next week. She forgot her calendar - we'll set it up next week. She forgot her calendar AGAIN, we'll have to call her to set it up. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!! I've gotten the vibe, based on comments from other workers including her supervisor, that she's not really the most responsible or dedicated or with it. She certainly has the personality of a stinkin' brick!!!
So we also finally got our fingerprints done, something else that everybody else had already done. (Are you catching on here?!?) The supervisor does that, so it did give us a few minutes to talk with her. Aaaaaannnnndddd.... She told us it's rare to be able to adopt a child or children under age 3, because they usually get adopted by their foster parents; in fact, we could be waiting for YEARS, unless we're open to sibling groups or special needs or different races. Which we are, depending on what kind of special needs. Our county does have 2 young brothers who will be available soon, she doesn't know exactly how old because they're not yet available, but she thinks they may not be in school yet. They are in foster care right now, and their fp's aren't interested in adopting them. She doesn't think there's anything "wrong" with them.
She also said we will be available to any county in the state, which is exciting! There are ummm, let's just say a lot of counties in our state, so woohoo.
Hubby is giving the worker a call tomorrow to try, once again, to set up our first visit. I'm hoping we can set up the second for a week or two after the first. I'm so ready to sit back and wait!

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