Monday, July 26, 2010

Why do i feel like i'm repeating myself?

Could it be because I am? I am fine with not having biological children. I'm so over that. But, as usual, that's the advice I got tonight. You know what, using donor gametes IS possibly an option. We've looked into that. And decided it's not for us. Yes, I understand it has worked out quite well for a lot of other people. More power to anyone who decides that is the best option for them. I'm glad that for those to whom experiencing pregnancy and birth was important, that option was available.
Adoption is the option that suits us best right now. Adoption isn't for everyone, but I felt called to adopt even before I knew what it meant, before I realized that not every child had a stable 2-parent family. We could change our minds, later on, and decide that we DO want to try other things. But we're not there right now.
I wish that people would just support the decisions we're making, and not try to "fix" everything. We do have people in our lives who do support our decisions, who understand that we need to do what is right for us. Thank God for that! When it comes to those "fixers," I usually just smile and nod... But wouldn't it be so liberating to politely, kindly, tell them we've considered our options, and adoption is the best choice we can make right now?
I'm glad people care and want to help. For future reference, the best way to help someone is to ask what help they need.

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