Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nephews and hubby.... One in the same

Nephews: Mac-n-cheese is a perfectly acceptable supper.
Hubby: Add hot dogs to that, and it's fabulous!

Nephews: Tons of fun to play with, as long as you play by their rules.
Hubby: Well, quite the same.

Nephews: Time? Huh?
Hubby: A few minutes = an hour, right?

Nephews: Can be entertained with cheap and few toys, but love the playstation.
Hubby: Same again.

Nephews: Think picking on me is the greatest way to pass time.
Hubby: Picking on me is his favorite hobby.

So, did I marry my nephew or what? ;)

Meanwhile back at the ranch.... I've had a screaming PMS migraine all day, 3 Excedr1ne m1gra1ne's later, it still hasn't let up.... And my older sister is 3 days late and was stopping to get to buy a test on the way home. I'm tellin ya, all my b-i-l has to do is look at her, and they're having another kid!

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