Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Day in the Life of the Wife/Sister/Daughter of Volunteer Firefighters

6:25 am -- Alarm goes off. Wake up hubby. Throw on some pj's that are laying in the floor, because sister is coming to drop off nephew at 6:30. Hubby, sister, and dad are joining in the search for a missing boy, with several other departments.
6:30 am -- Nephew arrives. Sister sneaks out door while baby's back is turned, otherwise he will scream for an hour. He is wearing a sleep shirt, socks, and wrapped in a blanket. "If nothing else, if he cries, put his pants on and take him out on your swing." Sister leaves. Hubby leaves. Baby is sitting on couch with me, turns around and looks at me. "Where'd JayJay go?" "He went to the fire hall, baby." "He went fiwe hall???" ..... "Where Mama go?" "She went to the fire hall too, but she'll be back in a few minutes!!!" (Spoken wayyyyy more cheery than I usually am in the morning!!) "Be back few minute?" "Yeah, and Grandma is fixing to come pick you up... Do you want to play with Grandma?" "Play Gwama!!!" Mutters some unintelligible almost-two-year-old blah blah blah.......
6:50 am -- Mom arrives, in from work, as the phone rings. It is sister, the genious who has left to go on a sarch for a missing boy, when she KNOWS she's going to be in the woods, wearing cr.o.cks... Like I said, genious...
7:00 am -- Lay back down. Get covered up.
7:01 am -- Darn phone rings again.... Hubby wanting to know something.
7:15 am -- back to sleep.
9:30 am -- finally roll out of bed, rush to get ready and make it to work by 11.
10:45 am -- hubby calls, saw me driving to work. He and our pastor are out getting some water for everyone who is searching.
11:00-2:00 work in pharmacy, wondering if they've had any luck finding a missing 15-year-old. Doubt it.
3:15 -- Mom calls. She's had no sleep in almost 48 hours, wants to know if I can keep baby when I finish deliveries. I'm driving through the ghetto. Sister gets in, they didn't find the boy, so she takes baby home.
4:00 -- Random stuff at home... Decide to go get a hair cut.
7:45 -- Decide to stop at sister-in-law's house, just for 15 minutes.. Hahaha.... Stay for a while, play with kids, make the baby laugh, read books to 4-year-old.
10:00 pm -- Tone goes off on fire radio, alerting us we have a call. Wreck on the other end of the community. Brother-in-law has just come home, said he saw debris in the road, but saw a truck turning around, so he just kept going. Remind me not to have a wreck around him!!
10:05 -- First person on the scene say it looks like vehicle was in tow, and nobody is around.
10:10 -- Everyone else arrives sporadically. Lots of junk in the road. Toothpaste/brushes, loose change, Sirius radio control, $300 bracelet still in case, etc. Wrecked vehicle was, in deed, in tow... Inside is full of blue jeans and other flea market-type paraphenalia, which probably explains why they just left it.
10:10-12:30 -- stand on side of road, pretty chilly, waiting for state trooper to arrive. Spend time helping Good Ole Boy find change for vending machine at his job. Randomly make fun of Drunk Redneck who throws bracelet in ditch when nobody is looking. Hey, cheap gift for girlffriend/babymama/woman he lives with.... Too bad someone noticed it was missing, so he put it back. Gah. Steal something that's probably already been stoeln. See what happened to THEM? Moron.
12:45 -- State showed up, made report, told us we could go home while he waited on wrecker. Guys hose off road to clear debris, glass, lights, etc. Drunk Redneck shows trooper bracelet, then sulks to wrecked vehicle and throw bracelet in back. Hahaha my sister and I (who refer to ourselves as "Good-Ole-Girl #1 and #2" because beforeshe joined, it was basically a Good Ole Boys' Club), specifically watch Drunk Redneck to make sure he doesn't take off with the bracelet.
1:00 am -- Adrenaline still going, can't sleep....

My sister, hubby, dad, and b-i-l are all members... I just go on calls if I happen to be with hubby when they get a call, or if it's something big.... Keep in mind, something big in rural areas could be the 200-ft-long brush pile in the churt pit mysteriously catching fire, during a drought, and surprisingly called in by Drunk Redneck's boss, who apparently has something against the fire dept, and has been suspected of setting several fires since. I promise I am NOT the redneck this post makes me out to be.... That's my sister's job :)

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