Sunday, April 6, 2008

I know, I know, 2 in one day... I had been meaning to post about the fire dept since Friday, but it was a busy weekend! Random blog here...
I've been wanting to do something fun and different for the past few weekends, but something always happens. We decide to stay home and clean house, I get sick, it rains, etc. Saturday was a misty day. We slept in until 10:45, took our time getting ready, picked a road, and drove until we were hungry. The road we picked is one we both do/have Travel(led) for work on a regular basis. The town we stopped in can be reached by the interstate, but what's the fun in that? We took several detours on back roads we both have noticed but never had time to take. Now, I claim to live in the country, and I do. (Zero red lights, a few stop sings, a gas station, post office, and volunteer fire dept with 2 stations make up the community!)But we DO have neighbors close by, and one of the roads we rode on was waaayyyyy out there. Those people live in the sticks for sure! Anyway... We ended up in Rome, GA, but I'm not sure we really made it into downtown. It was nearing dark, we didn't have a map b/c I insisted on leaving it home on purpose, and we're not that adventurous in new towns. We ended up eating at O.u.t.b.a.c.k mmmmmmm. We went in 1 store b/c I was looking for some's.. No luck. We wandered back home, hubby showed me a town he used to work in, got a milkshake, rented some movies, and watched one last night.
Hubby's vacation ends tomorrow. Poor thing *only* gets 4 weeks, 12 sick days, plus all bank holidays off in a year. Uh, I think I get 5 or 6 major holidays (one day each) off, 4 sick days, and miniscule vacation time. But in one month, we will have been married for one year, and he has been warned... um, asked nicely, to plan a weekend get-a-way for us. :)Anybody do anything fun this weekend?

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