Saturday, April 12, 2008

Free supper, and door prizes!! And ovulation predictors? Oh my!

Okay. Our community is in 2 different counties. So the fire dept gets to go to 2 appreciation dinners. One is good, with steak dinners, awesome door prizes, and stuff, one is cheap, with hot dogs and bad prizes. We went to the GOOD one tonight, after discussing it all week, and boy am I glad!! Yummy (free to us, b/c the fire dept pays the $50 a couple fee) food... Then we both won door prizes, a $30 gift certificate to L0gan*s R0adh_ouse, and a $25 Wal_M@rt gift card. And I had some great chocolate cake!! ;)
So of course we had to spend one of those tonight, and we were already pretty full.... So we went to the other place. And bought a lot of random stuff. Pedicure set, cereal, toys, etc. We looked just to see if they had ovulation predictors, but here were my reasons for not getting one...
1) Price... They were all just under $20. Now we could've got it without the GC we won, but that's almost a tank of gas in my little car!!
2) Convenience.... Or lack thereof. A couple were for 7 days, and one was for 20 days.... How likely am I to POAS that many days? I've also thought about temp charting, but there again, as easy as it would be, let's face it, my mornings are spent doing the bare necessity to get out the door to work. And what does that say about my desire to have a child? Ugh.
3) Shouldn't we be focusing more on hubby's reproductive system? Don't we need to find out if there are even any sp#erm there before we start buying all this stuff? Should we start with the minor, least-invasive-not-bothering-with-doctors-stuff knowing what we know? Or are they just gonna tell us to try those things first? And what's the point anyway, if we know those things aren't likely to work?
4) I have a friend who works in a big-name pharmacy/store, and she said they have something to monitor his fertility, too, and WM only had OP's. So on the way home, we decided maybe tomorrow after church and lunch, we will go to that store and purchase both.
And meanwhile, I'm wondering if we're opening Pandora's Box....

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