Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Husband-Free and weight loss

Hubby is in the 'Ham until Friday evening, for a banking class/training of some sort. I am a single girl for a few days. What am I doing with my free time? Tonight I went to dinner with my mom, a rare treat for just the two of us, with no husbands, kids, other siblings, etc. I was good and went to choir practice, or tried, but most everyone is on vacation for spring break. I didn't have to cook! I got my hair trimmed. I'm debating whether I want to clean the bathroom, put up the ret of Christmas stuff (shut up, I decorating and un-decorating is NOT a strong point for me!!!), attack the Clothes Monster, I mean floor, in our bedroom.... Or just sit and read a book. Or a blog.
I have taken to chewing on ice lately. I think it may actually be doing some good, because usually if I sit at the computer this long, I have to be munching on some kind of snack. So, my mouth is busy, I'm not raiding the fridge (which is especially good, b/c I still have left-over homemade hot fudge cake from my mom), and zero calories are being consumed. Confession: I did have a Dr Pepper with our meal tonight. But I only ate 2 meals today, and so far no snacking.
However...... Is it okay to attempt losing weight while trying to get pregnant?

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