Sunday, January 30, 2011


1. The baby came home Friday. I held her a little bit, but my mom was having some bp issues, and we debated taking her to the er. It came down some, so she went to d*ocin*abox, who proceeded to give her some really dumb meds that she's not gonna take. So she's going to find a family doc.
2. I just can't get enough of holding and kissing the baby girl.
3. I hate those movies where everything works out in the end, and of course the couple lives happily ever after and has 2.5 kids with zero fertility issues. I hate that I'm this jaded, but IRL, the good guy doesn't always have it easy, just because he makes the right decision. Let's have him marry the right girl, but struggle through IF. Ugh I sound like a crochety old man. 4. I just woke up from a dream where there was some big party going on. It started in a restaurant, but then we were in a lodge. There were random people I really know, but from different times and places in my life. They all had babies or big bellies, except for me. They were passing one little girl around on posterboard, which I thought was dumb, then I almost dropped her and she cried. Then I held her and she went right to sleep.
5. I also had dreams about finishing all of this adoption stuff. Probably b/c hubby and his dad finished the rail yesterday, and we're just about ready for our final home visit.
6. Today is the 5th Sunday of the month... Which means that tonight is the community singing at our church... Which means I really will see random people from random places, and most of them will have babies and/or big bellies.
7. Sometimes I just want to lay down in the floor and pitch a good ol' fit - screaming, crying, kicking, and saying "When's it MY turn????"

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