Sunday, January 9, 2011

It really did snow!

I know, our friends up north are laughing right now - most of the state has already called off school, work, and all activity for tomorrow. Nurses are spending the night at their hospitals, it's a major winter storm - all 5 inches! ;)
I was imagining the weather forecaster who cried wolf. We've not had this much snow in YEARS! It's crazy! Hubby came home, and there was a little ice/sleet on our deck... Less than an hour later, I look outside and everything is covered! IF it snows at all (and there have been many winters when it didn't) IF we see any snow at all, it usually doesn't stick. IF it sticks, it takes all day to get an inch or less. At Christmas, we got almost enough to cover the ground, but the sidewalks and roads were still visible. Tonight, within an hour, it was ALL covered!!! I just looked outside again, and everything - the road, driveways, ditches, grass, EVERYTHING is just a big, white blanket!
Hubby heard earlier that his office would open at 12, unless that changes with their 8am conference call, and I haven't really heard official word, but assume we will be closed... IF hubby has to go, I will probably ride with him and do some work too. But he's currently in bed running a fever (seems like it could be the flu!) so I can just see me trying to inch down the road to the dr tomorrow... I've never driven in anything like this, but if he needs to go, I'll have to just take it slow and see what happens!
I'm such a little kid - I'm ridiculously excited about a snow day! I've been going from front door, to back door, to garage door every few minutes. Gotta see what it looks like now! I'm too excited to sleep, but too afraid of the dark to go play by myself. Gonna go finish the laundry and dishes in case we lose electricity!

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