Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hospital, Home, NICU

Brand New Baby Girl is in the NICU!!!! She did fine in the hospital, we figured her little hands and feet would be normal color in time. Everyone noticed that she turned blue from chin-nose, but it seemed to happen when she was sucking her pacifier, so they took it away. Then last night, I held her for a while, then laid her on the couch for a while. She started turning blue again, so sister called a local peds office. The dr on call (not out favorite, but not the least-liked either) basically asked her questions about being full-term. He didn't really offer any advice, so sister called the hospital nursery where she was born, and they said get her there asap. So far, they haven't really found anything, but they've done a lot of testing and cultures. Hopefully we'll know something soon!
They are only letting parents and grandparents in the NICU, so Aunt NotTheMama isn't liking that at all!!! They did get to hold her up in the window, and she looked better. I'm just ready to know she's okay, and snuggle her up again! Big Brother's care is being managed by me. He spent the night with us last night, is spending the night at home tonight, with me tomorrow night, and we'll see from there. Hopefully they will get to come home Tuesday, if everything goes okay.