Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Friend from Ukraine?

I wandered across a blog yesterday (or was it Saturday? I was sick in bed both days, they're kinda running together). It is written by a missionary in Ukraine who works for a ministry that aids street children. My little Denis is too old to be aided by her ministry, as they work with children under 16... But hers is a nifty little blog with lots of pictures and tells of current goings on in Kiev. The last I heard of Denis, he was in school, and wanted to train to be a banker. A while back I had a disturbing dream/vision that he was sinking in a river, and I awoke as his arm was being bitten/eaten by a fish. I do hope it was only a dream, but it startled me so there was no going back to sleep - only lots of prayers for my little buddy.
So now through this new blog, assuming D is still doing well and in school, or at least in Kiev, I can see pictures of the places he frequents. I know this may sound corny, but I wonder if he admired that same purple Christmas tree? Did he walk past that monument today, or down that street last night? Is he warm? Is he eating, is he still in school, alive? Is he staying out of trouble? Does he still think of hubby and I?
Every time I get a new link in Kiev, it both breaks my heart and gives me hope. It breaks my heart that I couldn't find such a bright, loving little boy a home, and that he will have to struggle so just to have a chance. It gives me hope that Someone is watching over him, that my prayers are being heard, and maybe, just maybe, this new link can provide a story or picture or phone call. Hey, it has happened before!
It's not easy having part of your heart on the other side of the world! is the blog... I hope she won't mind me sharing!

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