Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Plugging along

We're just pluggin' along here. Baby Niece is doing great, no more blueness, chubby little cheeks, actually cried to be put down tonight! Love that little girl, even though her brother says I can't! ;)
Weird dreams abound, not sure what that craziness is all about... Stress? Too tired? Random occurence? Oh well.
We need to clean out a closet, so we can figure out how to turn the hot water heater down a little. And find our list to make sure that's all we like, and schedule the final visit!
It's strange... We've spent the last few years with adoption being this far-off thing that happened to other people - and now, here we are - thinking in months instead of years! Totally weird to think that I could need mat*ernity leave this calendar year!
Final thought: the closer we get, the more I miss them; my quiet house and lack of toys in the floor grates on my nerves more now than ever.

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