Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gearing up for BS, Round 2, and another announcement, and ready for baby

***Gotta go get some pink plates, pink cups, and pink napkins and forks today for sister's surprise BS. All pink, because she's having a girl, and has sworn that she hates pink and will not make her little girl wear pink. Our family is just smartaleck enough to go overboard with the pink, just 'cause! Just ready to get it over with really. Mostly family, but I'm sure some others will be there and ask questions. This is one I can just stay busy at, though, and hide if I need to. Staying busy is good.
***Hubby kindly told me that someone from church is expecting her third little one. Pradar had kinda already kicked in, along with common sense - she wants 4 children, her youngest is the age her first was when she had the youngest. It really makes it easier to be told like that, instead of those large group announcements, or a million other ways.
***as much as I dread watching other women experience pregnancy, I don't hesitate to just eat up those little babies once they get here!!! Sure, the hospital is difficult, but I manage. Sorry that I perpetuate that baby-starved wingnut myth, but I spoil babies rotten, don't put them down or share unless asked/begged, and just drink in their lotiony sweetness. Kiss those little cheeks, rock them back to sleep, count those little fingers and toes... I always have to unwrap them and take off their little socks, so I can see their full length and those precious little toes! I'm not a feet-person; I refuse to touch the feet of anyone over about age 5, and 5 is pushing it, but I will kiss little baby feet. I will kiss little toddler feet too, but only when they are fresh out of the bathtub, and only if I have bathed the child myself and know they are clean and I have carried them to the changing table or couch or bed. So really after about age 3, I am done with your feet!
I just can't wait to snuggle up my baby niece! It's been 2 years since we had a new baby in the family! That little girl is already spoiled rotten. ;)

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Micha said...

Your family sounds just like mine! What? You don't like that? Oh gosh I would NEVER go overboard with it then - muh ha haaaaaaa! ... lol Good luck to you sister not having her girl in any pink, my sister tried that with her first and pink seems to be pretty much the dominant colour (aside from blue with trucksl - plus the baby did look super cute in pink)