Wednesday, December 29, 2010

screpfroat, stumickvyris, flew

That's what I've been exposed to since Christmas. Niece had da screpfroat, but supposedly wasn't contagious when we were with them. Oh yeah, didn't mention the cold/sinus junk everyone has been sharing at work. As for thatnastvirus, I've been around no fewer than EIGHT people who had it. And directly taken care of 3 of them - washing their dishes, cleaning their toilets and pukebuckets, waking up to the sound and smell of active puke-fest next to my head. And sister took babynephew to dr today, and he has the stinkin' flu. The sister and baby who were spending the night when the virus struck. The baby I held and cuddled and snuggled, trying to keep him away from his pukey mama. Yeah.
I've had a migraine since I woke up, that meds haven't touched. I've been warm/cold/warm/cold/warm/cold all day. Started coughing. Yucky nose. Feel like poo. What are my chances of having the flu? (Insert sarcastic laugh here) No time for dr - got a loooooong day of work tomorrow, much like the rest of the week has been.
I asked them to drag my dead body over to the dr office next door if I kill over at work tomorrow.

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