Monday, September 6, 2010

T Minus 9 or 10 hours

So we're hours away from our visit. My mom came over to drop off some food and an awesome mop, and helped us a LOT. I had my picture frames, lamps, and various home decor thrown on the guest bed (the future child's room - you know, the one that should probably appear semi-ready for said child, no matter how imaginary he or she is right now). I had given up and decided she would just have to see it done next time. My mom, Queen of Hide it When You Need To, had the room guest-ready before she left. I was feeling a little hopeless, starting to panic, and as always, Mama comes in and it's all better. Gonna get up in the morning to do some mopping and work on more laundry (there's ALWAYS more of that!). The garage still needs some serious work, but we're just gonna go with it.
15 minutes is all she'll spend on the house. Then it's interview time. So let's hope and pray this migraine goes away and I sleep great tonight and wake up refreshed and ready to answer a lot of questions! I'll update as time allows - I scheduled an eye appt for the afternoon so I could take a sick day instead of a vacation day.
She's supposed to be here at 9am Central time. We would appreciate all prayers, happy thoughts, etc.

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