Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What a Colossal Waste of time, money, hotel room, food, gas, etc

I'm "training" this week. Today I've learned how to sit quietly in a chair and wait for a meeting. Yesterday I learned how to sit quietly in a chair and try to stay awake when you're insanely sleepy.
Okay, I did learn a little more, but not enough to warrant 3 days out of my office. ;) It could've been done in an afternoon.
Oh well... I got lots of sleep last night, it's a break from the usual grind, I haven't had to put up with any smart-mouthing. I'm at work but not really working, I'm getting a break but not having to use vaca/sick time.
I have lists of stuff I want to replace/buy for our house, I have a cleaning list for when I get back home, I'm in the mood to clean things out and get rid of junk. Tomorrow, I will return home, go back to the grind, and start working on all of my lists.

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