Thursday, September 23, 2010

Discouraged, Disappointed but not surprised

---wishing I had never accepted this promotion. It seems impossible to accomplish what is being asked.
---as best I can tell, I've really ticked off most of those in my office, by telling the truth to our boss. The truth about attitudes and hostilities and the way my promotion was on paper only.
---Favorite Co-worker is at it again. Received a txt msg from ph*rmacist that said to prepare myself "emotionally for news from *****". No shock there, pradar kicked in weeks ago. Also not shocked that, again, she talked about it IN FRONT of me, but wouldn't TELL ME. That's fine, whatever. Trying not to stoop to her level, trying to decide what my reaction should be if/when she does tell. I would LOVE to say "Yeah, I know. I heard you talking about it, and I figure these things out on my own; I also knew the last time you were pregnant!" But, knowing me, I'll probably just say congratulations. Well good, hopefully in 9 months we'll be able to tell her goodbye and never see her face again. I know that's ugly, and probably not the best attitude, but it's that whole pearls and swine thing. I'm tired of being nice to someone who only returns it with more bitch.
So what now? When I accepted this promotion, we were years away from adoption. Now, we could be down to a year or two. I really just want to tell them they can have their promotion back because I don't really feel equipped for the job, and we are adopting sooner than we thought. I really REALLY want to find another job, or just quit and stay home, and find some kids to baby-sit or something. There are lots of things we could cut out of our budget. I'm volunteering to go back to a regular phone, give up my favorite shows I never miss, I would even move back to our old house if it meant staying home with my babies! Our new house could be sold as soon as I said the word, to our neighbor's daughter. But hubby is a little less gung-ho.
Ugh. I give up. I'm going to sleep.

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