Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gotta get a new air conditioning unit

The only problem with buying a 10-15-year-old house? Time to replace the air conditioning! We haven't had cool air all Spring/Summer. Thankfully, it's "only" been in the upper 80's for the most part. Except it's been raining a lot, therefore add humidity, and drying then curling my hair in the mornings is like getting ready in a greenhouse. I've been on a cooking strike, except for a family reunion. The air man is coming out tomorrow to replace our unit. Which means cleaning the kitchen and tidying up the living and dining rooms. Why is it I don't really care WHAT my house looks like if my mom comes over, but let a repairman or my mother-in-law come over, and I'm spazzin' out trying to make things presentable?
Don't get me wrong - we aren't nasty or anything, just messy. Admittedly lazy, as it were. The newspaper doesn't make it to the recycle bag for a week... We're home and/or awake long enough to wash and dry laundry, but somehow it doesn't make it off the loveseat until we are ready to use/wear it again. The dining room table is where hubby LOVES to throw bills/work/meds/dry cleaning. Kick your shoes off by the couch and leave them there, it makes them easier to find tomorrow. That kind of thing. I do admit that I didn't wash those dishes from the family reunion b/c the house is soooooo hot... But I'm doing it now, and sweating through it, because I'm so sure the air man cares whether my kitchen was spotless.
As we've had several visits from several companies lately, I keep saying I won't let it get piled up again.... And every time a new one comes, I miss some sleep making my house look like I've got all my s#*+ together. Why does it matter?
But it does... So let's go wash some dishes when I should have been in bed an hour ago. Aaaahhhhhhh... It will be so worth it, though, to not sweat directly after taking a cpold shower!

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