Monday, June 7, 2010

Still here, putting along :)

Just checking in... There's not really a lot going on, yet I'm constantly busy... I guess it would be more accurate to say, there's plenty going on, just not much is blog-worthy. We had an "average" weekend, just hangin' out with family and playing with all the kids. I'm remembering why I can only handle younger sister in small doses when she's pregnant - soooooo moody!!! Love that girl, but I refuse to be the butt of her bad moods. We're still working on an application (read: it is sitting on our ottoman, blank) for an adoption/fostering class that I'm still not really sure I want to be involved with *ever*, and really don't feel prepared to tackle this month.
I guess the biggest news is, we are really close to selling our old house!! We've had several people look at it, and if we include a tiny little spot of land, we may actually get the price hubby is asking. It will be so nice to only have one mortgage payment, 1 electric bill, water bill, NO gas bill, etc. Yay!!!
Sorry to not have any super huge exciting news, but normal-busy boring is a nice place to be for a while! ;)

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