Sunday, June 13, 2010

Trying not to lose it on a fire call

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that hubby is on the vo*lunteer f*ire dept in our community. So are younger sis and b-i-l, Daddy, about half the men in our church, etc. It's just not for me, I'd rather spend my giving-back-time working with the kids @ church.
We hadn't been in the door even 5 minutes tonight when the radio went off, for a house on our road. I don't generally go on calls with him, unless we're out together, or the power is off (big chicken that I am), or there's something going on where I'm afraid to stay by myself. Like when there's an "unkown" problem with a "female" about a mile down the road, and the sh*errif's off*ice is sending an off*icer to investigate.
I'm probably not supposed to go into details, but let's say narcotics and alcohol are involved, a l*dy is on her way to the e*r, and now the guys are checking out the b*by, whose s*ippy c*p smells like the same thing mommy was drinking with the mo*rphine that was NOT prescribed to her. I'm really glad I only had salad for supper, because I'm having a hard time keeping even the little I ate of it down.
I'm also trying hard not to judge, especially not knowing the whole story. But c'mon. You just gave your baby WHAT?????? I'm sitting here dying for a baby, and you're on your way to the hospital, while strangers take care of your scared-out-its-mind 1-or-2-year-old, who may be dr*unk and/or h*igh, on who KNOWS what!
They found at least 1 cup with a lil more than apple juice in it, and d*h*r is on their way for the baby. The baby, who in just a few minutes, will be taken to some more strangers' house. If you're gonna be stupid, get a baby-sitter.

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