Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Did I say boring was good? What I meant was, please, everyone make me cry.

Okay, so I contained the crying to a few tears in my car. Which makes me mad and more upset; sometimes, I wish I could just pitch a big ole' fit like my nephews do, with no regards to how crazy I look or what people would think.
We had a substitute ph*armist today, one who has a young son, and since I was surrounded by young mommies and pregnant mommy, you can probably guess what every conversation was about today. Don't get me wrong, I love children, and I do talk about them a lot, but I've also been around plenty of mommies who can and do talk about a vast array of topics. And don't friggin whine and gripe about how horribly sucky it is to have a newborn. Really? Because I would love love LOVE to be able to experience that. So you don't sleep a lot, but I would trade sleep for that newborn smell and cuddling. The good thing was, I was able to get an incredible amount of work done today! I tried to keep to myself. Ya know, I really thought whispering and talking in hushed tones went out with about third grade. Turns out, there are adults who do the same things! Granted, I don't really CARE a lot about this person... But it's pretty darn RUDE to talk *around* a person standing 10 feet away. Ugh. But it's over, and thank God I get a break for a few days from Favorite Co-worker.
Fastforward to Wal*Mart. Of course you always run into someone you know. Cue strong suggestion that we should have a child of our own SOOOOOON! What I wanted to say: "Whatthacrap do ya think we've been doin' for THREE FRICKIN' YEARS!?!?" What I said, with a wave of the hand: "I dunno, sometime...". Which was met with the ever-so-popular, "But you would make such a GREAT Mom!!!!" Ugh.
BEFORE this encounter, I had already maxxed out my brain, to the point that I was just kind of standing in the aisle staring at nothing. I hate that mental fog, that feeling that my brain can't comprehend what I actually came in the store to get. After that encounter, I found myself staring at the tuna and canned meats, past them really, just trying not to think or cry. I managed to make it back to my car. But I didn't have time for crying, because I had to get the WM stuff to my sis-in-law, then run home to throw the pizza in the freezer, then get on to VBS @ my sisters' church.
Normally, such a WM encounter wouldn't really bother me that much. But after being surrounded by pregnant-this and baby-that All.Day.Long.Non.Stop. Well, that was just the last slap-in-the-face I could take.

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