Monday, May 31, 2010

Are you following me?

Usually following is a bad thing... I've been followed late one night after work, by a co-worker's angry friend. Spent that night on someone's couch, because I was young and my parents were out of town. I've been followed, or stalked, rather, by a creepy guy in college, who showed up at my job in the library one day with roses and chocolate, asking me out. (Chances are, if I don't know your last name AND you freak me out AND embarass me, you're not getting a date. And mid*get wrestl*ing rings don't really make great first dates. Or twenty-first, or one-hundred-first, or ever. Just sayin') true story.... Yes, I've attracted several strange ones...
But alas, following in blogspeak is a GOOD thing. As long as you promise not to freak me out or show up at my job with chocolate and flowers. And since this blog is rather anonymous, I will be sufficiently freaked out simply by your showing up at my job. So, we haven't set up our computer at our new house yet, and I've been blogging from my blackbe*rry, which is great for letting off some steam @ work, but not so great in other ways. Specifically, I have a couple of followers, and my phone will not let me see who you are. If you do not mind, could you please let me know who you are? It's all good, I'm just curious!
(Hhhmmmm I guess if somehow you DID show up at my job, my favorite is dark chocolate. I also won't turn down a cold Dr Pep*per) I'll be the one hiding in the bathroom or back room, the one without mascara. More on that one later.

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