Saturday, June 12, 2010


If you are already coughing and snotty and congested, pulling weeds from your flower bed is not wise.
If you are accustomed to spending your days in an air-conditioned car, office, and home, only venturing outside for short (less than an hour) periods of time, spending several hours pulling weeds in direct sunlight when it's over 90 degrees, is less than intelligent.
If you simply must get rid of the weeds, you would be smart to drink some water and have some food BEFORE you begin your endeavor.
But you should probably just let the weeds have their way, or only tackle one section.
If you insist on doing the whole thing, you will reach a point where suddenly, you are weak and extremely hot and not sure you can make it up the steps, into the house, down the hall, and into the bathroom.
But supposing you do make it, you will probably really freak out your sweet hubby who is trying to figure out why you're dying on the bathroom floor. He will, however, go get you a bottle of water.
You will take a nap in the bathroom floor, make sure you sloooowly sit up, slooowly get to your knees, then sloooowly stand up and proceed to the shower.
You will spend the rest of the day, not cleaning house the way you'd planned... Instead, you will lay on the couch, make fun of your odd sunburn lines, and have a headache for the remainder of the day.
Of course your sister will call from your parents' house, needing your help. And you will put off going over there, because they don't run their air, and they are putting up veggies from the garden, and you're not sure you are up to playing. But you will go, and the 4 boys will make you laugh a lot, and you'll stay way longer then you'd intended. And you will sincerely enjoy the time spent making the baby laugh, and wrestling the big boys, and trying to keep the baby out of the kitchen and away from mama. That boy loves his mama. :)
Then you will come home and marinate the chops that have been thawing in the sink all afternoon. Your wonderful hubby will cook his ailing wife a supper of chops on the grill and broccoli with cheese. Then you will take one more cocktail of sinus/headache/cough/bcp meds and try to sleep.
Wow. It actually IS possible to spend an entire day at (or around) home, and be perfectly content to NOT make plans for town, and NOT invite company over, and NOT go out to eat. We should do this more often! Minus that whole almost passing out thing. That was not so awesome!

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