Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just sounding off about the in-laws

Ugh. If. I KNOW they don't like a restaurant, I don't PICK that place when we're going to be eating a meal with them... I would like the same consideration, dang it!!! But no, it's our Sunday to eat with them, and we're going to a disgusting, greasy fish place. I don't eat fish at all, and they know this. They also fry their chicken in the same oil, so I don't eat that either. Looks like it's a yummy lunch of cheese sticks that I will have to share with my niece and nephew.
My mother-in-law was kind enough to buy me a picture at a yard sale. "I know you don't like flowers, but I thought this picture of flowers would look good in your bedroom!" Uh, thanks. That's the most (in)considerate gift!
I was told last week that I'm the most agreeable person a co-worker has ever met. I'm beginning to hate being so agreeable, because it seems like nobody ever wants to return the agreeableness, and you just end up with half a cheese stick for lunch. And hubby wonders why I don't exactly jump at the chance to hang with his fam!

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