Friday, May 28, 2010

thanks for insulting my intelligence!

So I'm at work today, the last work day of the week, the last day before a holiday, with a f*ill-i*n phar*mist and no te*ch besides myself who knows how to use the computer. (Please excuse all the *'s, it's to keep the co*workers away, especially the o*ne I wish would q*uit like she always thre*atens when some*thing doesn't go her way)
We service mainly men*tal he*alth centers, gr*oup ho*mes, etc, with a little ass*isted liv*ing fac*iliti*es thrown in the mix for good measure. The nur*se @ one of those centers has insulted my intelligence many times before. Just last week, something happened, don't remember the details... But it all boiled down to, apparently he thinks I'm an idiot, and all I'm capable of is answering the phone and passing it on. He never gives me the opportunity to help him with anyone. Generally when this happens, I politely say the person requested is on the other line or with a customer, and again politely ask if I can help them. There ws a time when answering the phone and passing it on was all I could do, but now I run the frigging place, m'kay?
So Mr Rudeness asks for Favorite Co-Worker, then Main Pha*rmist, and when I politely inform him they were both off, and sweetly offer to help him, I get an explanation I've heard a billion times today on the biggest problem of the day, followed by: "Are you CAPABLE of looking this up on the computer?!?" Hateful, rude JERK!
Answer I gave (in syrupy sweet voice): "yes sir, of course!"
Answer I **wanted** to give: "Nooooo!!! I'm too STUPID to use the computer, but they leave me in charge. I am, however, completely capable of coming to your office and punching you right in the face for asking such an assanine question. Stop being such a $÷%= all the time, and let me show you that I AM able to help you, believe it or not!"
My boss, whom I was working with today, told me that whoever has a relationship with him, should set him straight. According tpo her, if we're gonna take care of his meds and do favors for him, the least he owes us is a little respect. The problem: his favorite person to talk to is Favorite Co-worker, which is, I'm sure, where he got his opinion that I'm incapable of oh, I dunno, breathing.
So glad to have a long weekend, and short week next week. Pha*rmist is omn vacation next week, should be an "interesting" week. Just hoping I can come home each day and celebrate that I made it through another day without punching anyone in the face.

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