Sunday, May 2, 2010

Who Needs a Plan? Or, oh crap, BOTH cities we're supposed to be spending the next week in are under water!

So hubby wins this trip to Nashville. So we want to be gone longer than 2 nights, and decide to spend a couple of night in Memphis as well. WE ACTUALLY MADE RESERVATIONS!!!! Here's a usual vacation for us: throw some crap in the car and take off. We'll decide where we're going on the way there. Or we'll pick a city or general area, and find a room when we get there. We. Do. Not. Plan. And the one time we DO have a plan, some reservations in a swanky hotel, and even day-specific plans for trips to the zoo and shows, both cities flood.
So now, we're trying to find another place to go. 6 flags isn't open except for Saturday. Amish country is in the same area of TN of our original plan. The beach might be oily. I'm really trying to work out some crazy disney world plan, calling and begging for discounted rates, but in reality, I don't think we can swing it. I'm not giving up until I get to a real computer, and not just the trusty blackberry.
Bottom line: tomorrow night or Tuesday morning, we are loading my car and going SOMEWHERE outside of Alabama. Thanks for the cosmic kick-in-the-pants, though, Universe!

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