Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More drama in the workplace... I really want to punch her...

So our new girl is getting married this weekend, and she showed me her BFP this morning. Go ahead, do a double-take and read it again. But you read correctly the first time.
And from Favorite Co-worker, I get an "Are you okay?"... And when I say that yes, I will be, and that it's a lot easier to be told than NOT, or only be told because something's wrong, she jumped down my throat about how it was HER decision to not tell me, and she hadn't told anyone, not even her best friends... Then proceeded to smile and give me platitudes about how God will woork all of this out and He has His own special little plan just for me, complete with a fake half-hearted hug and all. I DO NOT DOUBT FOR A MINUTE THAT GOD WILL WORK IT ALL OUT!!!!! But don't chew me out because you hurt me, knew you hurt me, and never apologized, then turn around and try to put a bandaid on that huge wound you just ripped open. I. Really. Wanted. To. Hit. Her. Not the first time I've said that about her. Actually, a lot of people have thought the same. She's the one we get all the complaints on for being rude.
I couldn't even respond. I'm thinking about writing it all down, because I know I would stutter and stammer through trying to tell her off verbally, and forget half of what I wanted to say.
Oh, to top it off, she told me she understood how hard all of this is. Back up sister, you don't have a freakin' CLUE. You had 2 beautiful babies with no problems. You were never told it was impossible before you even got to try. You never had to face all of your married life smiling through the platitudes and stupid comments much like the ones you just gave. So don't tell me you understand, when obviously, you don't! How about an I'm sorry I hurt you, or a meaningful what can I do to help. No, you'd much rather be the bitch that you usually are.
Why do I care? WHY DO I CARE what she says, if I know that she's just a bitch, and always will be? It's nothing personal, she's just a spoiled little girl who will never grow up and admit she's wrong or apologize, and she's only concerned about herself. WHY DO I CARE??????? But I do, and I hate myself for it.
How do you politely give someone like this a piece of your mind? Or is too much casting your pearls before swine? Obviously she doesn't care about anyone besides herself, so will it even make a difference? But ya know, maybe I should do something one time Just.For.Me.

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Michele said...

I want to hit her too!!!